Sydney Synthetic Grass Buying Guide for your Garden or Lawn

Okay, you have a garden or lawn, and you want some Sydney synthetic grass for it but don’t know how to go about it? You need not worry anymore. We have got you covered; just stick around. In this article, you will learn the basics when it comes to purchasing this type of grass for your garden, lawn, playgrounds, pool areas, restaurants, cafes, etc. You’ll also be armed with the most relevant information you could ever find on the internet to make accurate decisions. 

Why choose Sydney synthetic grass? 

This is a multimillion-dollar question. There are many reasons why you should choose Sydney synthetic grass; let’s highlight a few. First off, the cost of maintenance is low for the grass. No need to hire someone to mow or water the grass for you. Secondly, since you’re not mowing, there are no electricity bills to pay for.  

The grasses are weatherproof. They don’t soak in water, nor does the sun scorch them. They are for all weathers. And because they are for all-weather, this makes them resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, they have a cushioned landing for anyone playing on them, especially if you have children or pets. What more? No more grass stains, mud, or allergies. 

Vital considerations when choosing Sydney synthetic grass 

There are important considerations when choosing the grass for your lawn, garden, or cafe. Remember, there are many Sydney synthetic grass suppliers around; you need to make the best choice for your space. 

One of the first things you should do as an investor is to request samples from the seller. When you have the samples in your hands, look out for the one that best fits your space. It should be aesthetically good. However, it should look not only visually appealing to anyone but also similar to real grass. 

You should also ask your seller if the grass has instant recovery technology. Instant recovery technology synthetic grass is manufactured with nylon or polyamide fibres. These types of grasses don’t wear easily. They are tough and resilient. Furthermore, it is friendly and safe to the environment. 

Finally, look out for pile height too. Usually measured in millimeters, the pile height is designed for different purposes. If you want the grass just for display, then pile height may not be a very important factor. For example, the rule of thumb states that 25mm to 30mm pile height is usually to give your space a clean grass-cut appearance. 30mm to 45mm pile height gives your space a more natural look. 

Downsides of Sydney Synthetic Grasses 

We all know Sydney synthetic grass for its aesthetic value, however, little attention is paid to its downsides. For instance, the grass can get really hot in summer and cause discomfort underneath your bare feet. Secondly, the grass can be pretty expensive to install. Furthermore, it may not last the same time your natural grass will. Though, some have been reputed to last a long time. And, if you’re unlucky to purchase low-quality synthetic grass, it may release harmful toxins into the environment as they age.