Bring That Sweet Spanish Smell To Sydney

Have you ever been wandering the streets of Sydney on a stunning evening and noticed your taste buds have started tingling as you catch a hint of a fragrant paella coming from a nearby street stall or catered function and suddenly pictured yourself sipping Sangria whilst sitting in a trendy bar in Valencia?

Well then, perhaps you should probably consider looking into paella catering in Sydney for your guests at your next event in Sydney with a Spanish-style theme paella party.

Why Paella?

Spanish cuisine has been a staple favorite for some years now amongst food lovers of all ages. And aside from being delicious and nutritious, paella in particular is a fun and cost-effective way to fill the empty stomachs of your hungry guests at your next party or function.

It works well in both a formal sit-down setting where it can be served as part of a tapas or degustation menu, or it also makes a great appetiser served in no-fuss, disposable packaging for a casual outdoor gathering at your next Spanish themed backyard fiesta.

Why a Spanish theme?

Paella catering in Sydney

Spain is food lover’s dream. And catering with Paella as the principal meal on your tapas menu is a fun and exciting way to keep your guests engaged throughout the evening. Aside from the rhythmic music, colourful outfits and dancing the culture is attached to, it also makes a great accompaniment to cheap and affordable, red wines which is an excellent way to bring a little bit more of the Mediterranean to your home, office, market stall, wedding or birthday party.

Should I cater for a winter or summer event with paella?

The answer is both! Paella is a wonderfully versatile dish that can warm the souls of your guests accompanied by a deep red, crowded by an outdoor fireplace in the heart of a Sydney winter. Or, be enjoyed with a light red on ice out on the balcony as you watch the sun go down over the harbour or the beach.

Does paella contain meat or is it vegetarian?

A bowl of paella

Once again, the answer is both. Paella is a rice based dish which is incredibly versatile. It can be served with a variety of meats, poultry or even more exotic game and is particularly delicious with fish or seafood as the main ingredient.

But if you are looking for a vegetarian option, the majority of ingredients in paella are vegetable based and meat can be easily omitted for a range of fresh, healthy produce which when combined with the seasoning and spices of traditional paella, still makes for an appetising, colourful and rewarding meal for your guests which can be catered for at a wonderfully economic cost.

Is Paella suitable for children?

Paella is great for the whole family. With a variety of ingredients, it can be customised to suit people of all ages, whichever type of crowd you are looking at catering for.

Aside from being very morish on account of its vibrant, classic Spanish flavours, being a rice based dish, it is highly filling meaning your guests are certain not to go home hungry. And the best part is, with its rice base, vegetable staples, its use of stocks for flavouring and unique spices, it is also very healthy for you meaning your guests won’t be able to get enough of it.

So, whether it is for a market stall, work function, luncheon, birthday party, wedding or even just a casual get together amongst friends at your home, once you fill the air with that sweet smell of paella, you will be sure to pull a crowd from all over Sydney.