A Guide To Promotional Products In Brisbane

Are you looking to promote your brand? There are numerous suppliers of promotional products in Brisbane who can help you out with fun and memorable items that your customers, clients and business partners will love. There are a lot of different kinds of promotional products in Brisbane to choose from. You might decide to order some or all of them. Below is a guide to some of the items you might choose and how they can help to raise awareness and goodwill towards your brand.

Customised sportswear

Many manufacturers of promotional products in Brisbane have the design and printing capability to create customised sportswear. If you have a corporate sports team than this is a great way to create a professional look and promote company pride amongst your employees. Invest in customised jerseys for your soccer, tennis or volleyball team and get your company name out there in the community.

Coffee mugs

Woman preparing to ship a coffee mug as promotional products in Brisbane

Coffee is a key part of corporate culture. Many of us love our coffee breaks and time spent taking tea breaks in the lunch room. Promote brand awareness with branded company mugs. Many manufacturers of promotional products in Brisbane will have loads of great design options available for different styles of mugs. They make a great Christmas present for employees or gift during corporate training days.

Stubby holders

Stubby holders are a great gift or item to prepare for employees and clients that many suppliers of promotional products in Brisbane will be able to help you out with. Their low cost and lightweight, which makes them great for stuffing into gift totes or handing out around the office.

Mouse pads

Mousepads are a practical and affordable custom branding opportunity that your employees will greatly appreciate. If they’re sitting at desktops, then gift them with this functional gift.

Tote bags

Tote bags are another practical branding opportunity that make the perfect gift to employees or clients. Give them something to carry their lunch or work documents around! Tote bags are very affordable to print and also eco-friendly so they will help to communicate that your company cares about being eco-friendly.


Branded USBs are an excellent gift for employees and customers. They’re a frequently used item that will get your customers and clients thinking about your brand every time they use your USB and provide employees with a useful item that they will often need at work.


Pens are an item that are very often handed out by companies. Branded pens are great to share with clients as they are often used, and will be appreciated by your employees. Promotional pens are a must-have for sales consultants and other client facing professionals as they communicate professional and show that your company is detail-oriented.

Drink bottles

Printed drink bottles are another branded item that you can request from suppliers of promotional products in Brisbane. Drink bottles are practical, encourage hydration amongst employees and are affordable to produce.

Custom hats

Hats are a high-quality and extremely visible item that are great to produce for employees and clients.


Keyrings are another daily use type of item that you might consider investing in. These are great to keep around the office or share with clients.


Promotional notebooks are also extremely practical and often very appreciated by employees, customers and clients.


A great thing to request from suppliers of promotional products in Brisbane is umbrellas. During the winter months this is a great item to gift employees with and to keep around the office. They’re also very handy to keep around the office.