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Why Use A Consultant/Agency

It used to be that marketing was the first department to be let go when the market took a dip, and then hired back when it improved, but nowadays marketing is recognised as an indispensible function of an organisation with many ways to measure its ROI and viability.

As a small or medium sized business you may not require or have sufficient funds for a full time marketer. Yet there will be times when you will need to do some marketing, which is where we come in.

Hiring a consultant might sound expensive but the major benefit is that you get that expertise only for as long as you need it. It might be for a project, or it might be one day a week on an ongoing basis but it certainly ends up being cost-effective if you can’t recruit someone in-house.

Developing a marketing strategy can often be the most extensive part of your collaboration with a Marketing Consultant. But once your plan and strategy are in place, everything else fits together almost by itself. You'll be heading in the right direction and can continue on your own or with our help as you see fit.

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Conceptualise Marketing designed a series of invitations for our event and showed great initiative in providing me with multiple options, all within my ideals for the event. The final product was 100% satisfactory and exactly what I wanted.

They conducted themselves professionally and delivered ...

Richelle Wilkins,
UCB, Australia

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