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Why You Need Marketing

Marketing has been defined in many ways but we feel it is best described by the late Peter Doyle who said:  

“Marketing is a philosophy of business that places the customer at the centre of the universe”.

This is such a true statement; if you are trying to promote your product then your marketing strategy should be placing your target customer right in the middle in order to get them to buy your product/service.

Some organisations aren’t fans of marketing because it costs upfront but you wouldn’t expect to collect your winnings from a horse race without paying to place your bet would you?

An effective marketing plan and strategy is vital in order to know where you are going. It’s the difference between having customers and not having them. If you aren’t promoting your company and telling people about what you are doing, or the benefits of your product/services then you won’t grow your business, and chances are potential custom will go to your competition.

Reasons for marketing

  • Marketing is essential to win the attention your products and services deserve.
  • Chances are if you aren’t promoting your product, your competitors are promoting theirs.
  • Word of mouth marketing is very powerful and if you haven’t left a good impression with your product/services in your customer's mind then they will refer someone else’s product.
  • Marketing ultimately raises the profile of your product which in turn if done right leads to sales.
  • When the market is slow it's often those that have stuck with their marketing strategy that continue to sell their products/services.

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We at Green Skills Australia have had nothing but positive experiences and outcomes whilst dealing with Zoe Gell and her company Conceptualise Marketing.

Zoe designed some of our main websites as well as the template used for our mini-sites. She also designed a range of promotional material, including our brochure design (used for all our course leaflets). We were absolutely thrilled with the results. We have previously used about 40 graphic designers and marketing companies, but Conceptualise Marketing is ahead of the game.

Zoe is very particular about developing and refining the brief. She asks just the right questions at each stage to thoroughly understand our wishes, but she was never intrusive and always worked around our schedule. Zoe then provided draft alternatives, each of which would have satisfied the brief anyway, but they were appreciated because we ended up with exactly what we were hoping for in order to appeal to different target groups.

The whole process was painless, with friendly and productive meetings and correspondence, and an absolutely professional approach to everything, right down to the invoicing. In terms of design, Zoe has a sophisticated eye for line and colour. Her designs are clean and elegant, excitingly so in fact.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zoe for all your marketing needs.

Cameron Russell
Director, Green Skills Australia

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