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Marketing Planning and Strategy

With an effective marketing plan and strategy in place to provide direction, your business is more likely to succeed. Working without one risks wasting valuable time and budget.

We are great at strategies and can help you get the right marketing plan and strategy in place for your business.

Conceptualise Marketing can work closely with your business to help you create your marketing framework; where you are and where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. We can also help you reach the right people in terms of your product/service and work out how you can quantify the effectiveness of your marketing to those that don't 'speak' marketing.

We are very flexible

We like to work with our clients on an ongoing basis. This has proven to be highly effective from a strategy implementation point of view as we are there with you to help you set everything up and launch your new initiatives. We also help clients with specific project-only needs.

Brainstorm marketing strategy sessions

Many of our clients have engaged us to sit down with a pen in hand and a white board and simply talk through the marketing planning and strategy process in more of a workshop type session, usually over half a day.

We have found this works really well and by the end of the session we have talked through the business, where it is, where it wants to be, who the ideal customer is and profile as well as what the industry and competitors are doing. From that we work on solid strategies and tactics and leave the session with a full action plan to work on.

Marketing ideas

We work with a number of clients who already have plans in place but want more ideas and strategies, and for us to look at what's not working. We present them with our thoughts of their marketing to date and suggestions of how they could improve it along with some ideas of where they could go next if they wanted to add to their marketing activities. We also regularly do marketing and design audits for our clients.

Marketing ideas

Full Marketing Plan and strategy

Some of our clients are starting from scratch and need our help to develop a full marketing plan and strategy. We listen to what they want and where they are operating, and sit down with them to come up with a detailed plan of action.

We also write full marketing plans and strategies for clients.

Your marketing plan/strategy will include:

  • Analysis of the market you are in and your current situation
  • A good look at your competitors, what they are doing and how it's going
  • If you need it we can work with you to look at your target market and suggest positioning strategies
  • We'll produce an integrated marketing communications plan according to your requirements, taking into account both on and offline marketing strategies and tactics - this might include:
    • Direct mail on/offline
    • Events
    • Sales promotion
    • Website and blogs
    • SEO and Pay Per Click suggestions as a brief overview
    • Brand awareness strategies
    • External communications strategies
    • Social media as a brief overview - we can prepare detailed social media planning separately
    • Internal communications strategies and addressing issues you may face
  • We will also give you ways of measuring all of these in order to report back to your board or line management on successes.

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Zoe was easy to communicate with and very patient teaching us the social media side of marketing. There was a lot of detail in her work and instructions to continue with after we had finished our assignment together.

I would not hesitate to recommend Zoe if you need some marketing advice. ...

Julie Maxwell
Owner, Maxwell's Skin and Body Clinic

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Conceptualise Marketing are a clear thinking marketing agency who helped us come to grips with marketing concepts that were foreign to us and significantly improve the perception that we were creating via our website and in-house signage. They are accommodating and adaptable in their approach ...

Danny Bakker,
Gateway Baptist Church

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