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Quick Response codes, otherwise known as QR codes are matrix bar codes that were originally created for the automotive industry. Today they are widely used in marketing because of their ability to store a lot of useful data that enables participating businesses to learn more about their customers.

For QR codes to work, smartphone users download a free app onto a smartphone and then scan codes with this software, which then takes them directly to a relevant webpage.

Not only are QR codes a simple way of driving people to your website but they allow the businesses using them to get more information on where their customers are coming from.

As a business, the big benefit of using a QR code is that using individual QR codes for a specific marketing medium i.e. on the back of a leaflet, on a website, or on TV in combination with analytics software will enable you to see exactly how many people scanned the QR code from each - showing you which medium had more clout in your campaign.

How much does a QR code cost?

A QR code costs very little in itself but also requires tracking to give it any real value.

Conceptualise Marketing offers an affordable QR code solution, and once set up your ongoing costs will be extremely low.

Our QR code solution works by:

  • Setting your business up onto Google Analytics if you aren't already
  • Once you have Google Analytics we will then link your QR code account to it
  • You can then generate your code and choose the actions of whether you want it to go to a phone number, a website URL, or even an email address
  • Your code(s) will then be provided for you to use
  • You will then have access to a simple reporting structure as well as your Google Analytics

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Zoe from Conceptualise Marketing has helped propel my business and align my marketing plan for the future.

Zoe has been incredibly professional,very approachable, so very efficient and is always offering me options.

I cannot recommend Zoe & Conceptualise Marketing highly enough and I look ...

Robyn Christiansen
Owner, Trend Collections

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