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An Event You Are Exhibiting At

We can help you with a number of areas for a trade show you may be attending as a business:

Overall strategy for the event

We can help you establish what it is that you want to get from the event for your business. Is it purely brand exposure or are you looking for new clients too?

Lead generation and strategy

It's important that you get results from your event and so if one of your objectives is to get more leads then we can help you put a lead strategy into place to help ensure that when you are at the event that you have a plan of how you will drive people to the stand, what you will say to them and how you will get their interest in your product.

Design of booth and marketing collateral

Our talented graphic designers can help you create the right concept that will appeal to your target market and to encourage visitors onto your exhibition stand.

Writing of marketing collateral

If you need to produce flyers and material for the event we can help you write them.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is a great way to market your business over a long period i.e. if you give away the right product people may hang onto them for a long time and also expose other potential clients to your business too. We have great third party suppliers that provide great quality promotional merchandise, and we can come up with some ideas that will stand out from the crowd.


We can give you general advice on your business branding, business speak and how you want to come across to your potential clients and industry people at the event to ensure you get as much return on investment from the event as possible.

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I engaged Zoe, who owns Conceptualise Marketing to help me come up with a solid marketing strategy and some realistic ideas to help me get more clients for my business. Zoe at Conceptualise marketing was extremely flexible as I didn’t have a large budget, nor much time to work out some solid ideas to help increase awareness of my business and to increase my customer base. I came away with some fantastic ideas that I have been able to implement into my business with great success and now business is good and I have direction! Thanks Zoe.

Donna Layton
Harmony Colonics

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