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Direct mail has evolved vastly over the years and now email marketing is just as popular as offline direct mail with great software packages that will give you feedback on how many people opened your email, who opened your email and how often, right down to who clicked on your call to action – enabling you to see conversion rates right before your eyes.

Conceptualise Marketing can work with you to create effective direct mail and email campaigns. The services we offer are:

  • We can design your campaign for you
  • Work with you to devise and create the campaign
  • Give you ideas for your content and strategies for how to reach your customers
  • Help you set up an email campaign account and show you the ropes
  • Help you decipher the results post mail-out

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Conceptualise Marketing just finished our website on Friday. We were super excited for it to go live, and it went very smoothly, not one hiccup (which is very rare). On Monday we came into the office to find we have already had an email request, so it is obviously working.

We have been very ...

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