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Staying ahead of your competition

Posted on 4th Dec at 2:15pm

Category: Marketing

With the current climate and advances in online marketing there are more marketing channels to keep on top of and to ensure your brand shines across all as well as your business facing much more competition with international businesses competing for work. 

Here are a few tips to help you keep your brand on top and to stay ahead of competitors

1. Keep your marketing consistent

The number one and most important tip we have for you is to keep your marketing consistent. By the time things are tough and you are really in need of more work it may be too late or a tougher slog to find business. By keeping your marketing consistent even if it is on a small scale is better than doing nothing. Remember if you aren't marketing then every time your competitors do means that it may mean more business for them. 


2. Analyse your numbers 

All of your marketing objectives and campaigns should be measurable so you can analyse return on investment and whether something is working for you. Spend some time each month looking at the effectiveness of your marketing: 

  • the number of visitors to your website - Google analytics is a great free and easy way to do this
  • look at the effectiveness of that email campaign you sent out - most platforms such as Mail Chimp and AWeber have great analytics tools
  • Using Facebook Insights on your business page enables you to analyse posts that people engaged with 
  • Offline monitor things such as number of phone calls, use of vouchers from a campaign and referrals, new business coming through the door 


3. Look around you

Allocate some time to have a look at what your competitors have been doing and how you are performing compared to them. Have they changed their marketing strategy, design - is there anything you can learn from or take advantage of? Sign up for your competitors newsletter - see what they are saying and keep up to date with their news and learn from their marketing what might work for you also. 


4. Price check 

Many of you probably already do but it's good to every now and again call round your competitors and check their prices against yours to ensure you are priced right according to your target market. 


5. Listen to your customers and the market 

If your business is a service based business especially it is very important to remember to keep listening to your customers. With the rise in online review sites and social media enabling bad news to go viral it is so important to listen. Just because you think something is great if your customers don't think so then listen and find out why and address the issue. If people aren't buying find out why - look at your pricing, target market and those good old marketing principles. Don't ignore it. 


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