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5 marketing tips to increase SEO rankings

Posted on 17th June at 11:22am

Category: Websites

In our opinion, effective SEO is about quality rather than quantity; in some respects, the complete opposite of what most Search Engine Optimisation companies are aiming for. To us, it’s about generating targeted traffic – attracting visitors that are likely to purchase your products and services.

The good news is – there are 5 simple marketing tactics that anyone can follow, to increase his or her SEO rankings.



5 tips for writing for website content

Posted on 24th July at 8:21am

Category: Websites

Writing for websites is quite different to writing for a brochure. This post gives 5 tips on how to write in a way that will keep your content readable and appropriate for your website.



Benefits of having your own website

Posted on 30th May at 3:16pm

Category: Websites

There are still a lot of companies out there in Australia with little or no online presence.

Having a website is like having a phone number these days: if you don’t have one it’s very difficult for people to reach you or to compete with your competition.


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