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Your marketing objectives and resources in 2014

Posted on 6th Jan at 11:41am

Category: Marketing

Marketing does not happen on its own - it requires a lot of thought, planning and resource. If not planned properly then you could get to the end of the year, look back and realise you have wasted another year and not accomplished any of the objectives that you wanted to. 

Objectives need to be clear and SMART:


Specific - what is the objective - specific details 


Measureable - what are you measuring ? i.e. numbers - the number of visits to a website, the number of phone calls?


Action - What neeeds to be done in order to achieve the objective? 


Realistic - Is your objective realistic? Can it be realistically achieved?


Timed - you need to specify a time frame 


Here are some useful downloads we created in our new section on our website (it's a work in progress) for you to think about your objectives and marketing resources in 2014. 


Your 2014 marketing goals

Your 2014 marketing resources 


For help or a discussion about your marketing objectives and resources contact us


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