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Social Media Marketing – Rocket Science or Child’s Play?

Posted on 27th Aug at 8:32am

Category: Social media


It's hard to read anything about marketing these days, without it referencing Social Media. Unfortunately, some people are overcomplicating things, turning the straightforward into Rocket Science. In contrast, others are being too simplistic, claiming it's all Child's Play.


My opinion is this: the correct approach lies right in the middle.  Above all, effective Social Media is about taking a practical, logical and commercial approach. Yes, it might be the new black – but – just like all types of marketing, it must be cost-effective and deliver ROI!


In my previous posting – 5 marketing tips to increase SEO rankings– I explained 5 simple tips to increase Search Engine Optimisation rankings, so you can increase your traffic, for free! Social Media is another aspect of marketing where a DIY approach can yield dividends. So, what are some of my insider tips to get Social Media marketing right for business?

1.     Focus. There are so many Social Media websites that, without deep pockets and unlimited time, it’s not possible to harness all of them. It’s often better to focus on a few (sniper-style) rather than trying to use all of them (scatter-gun). 


2.     Unique Content. As with all types of publishing, original content is critical – avoid cross-posting news, or cutting/pasting from other sources: invest time in creating unique, original posts.


3.     Push and Pull. Each time you post on Social Media, include your website URL to encourage consumers to visit your main website (Push). In addition, use the website as a lever to attract visitors to your social media channels (Pull).


4.     Engage. It’s important to keep things active (rather than passive), by asking questions, running polls, and encouraging feedback – keep your audience involved. If you receive questions or comments, then always respond in a polite and timely manner.


5.     Consistent. Social Media is another type of publishing, so choose and maintain a regular and consistent frequency of postings.  If it’s weekly, then ensure the updates are always posted weekly – without fail, across all channels.


6.     Brand. If resources permit, register your brand identity on as many social media websites – as is feasible. In doing this, your brand is protected – and, the userID is available in the future. If possible, use a consistent brand identity across all social media channels, to avoid confusion.


Of course, Social Media marketing is more involved than this, so this article just covers the fundamentals.  If you do hire a Social Media consultant, it’s important to check they have a professional marketing qualification. In the meantime, follow my free tips (above), and you’ll be on your way to mastering Social Media marketing!

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