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Planning your marketing for 2014

Posted on 17th Dec at 2:18pm

Category: Marketing


In our last blog post we talked about staying ahead of your competion. This blog post is about budgeting and planning your marketing in 2014. 

As the market gets tougher and more competitive have you thought about planning your marketing for next year?


Here are some tips and things for you think about when planning your marketing for 2014:

1. What have you spent?

Look at what you have spent so far in the financial year and revisit your marketing strategy. What have you been spending your money on marketing wise, and what has and hasn't worked? Look at where your business has been coming from. What is costing you money and not working? 


2. Look at your objectives 

Look at your original business objectives - has your marketing you have done this year so far reflected those objectives? If not - why not? and how could you make sure that they do in 2014? Always keep in the back of your mind where you want/need the business to be. 


3. What can you learn from your competitors?

Look at how your competitors have done and where they are marketing. What's working for them that you might have missed?


4. What's new?

What are the trends you have noticed in your industry and marketing in general this year? can you learn/adopt anything new? 


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