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Content is the Jack, Queen, King and Ace of effective Marketing!

Posted on 2nd June at 4:53pm

Category: Marketing

Content is King is a familiar marketing phrase, used to stress the importance of the written word, and its unique ability to influence consumers. In many ways, it’s the phrases that describe your products & services, which actually generate sales. Simply put, you need to communicate features, benefits, prices, etc., clearly and concisely – in ways that customers understand. In addition to this, did you know your website content plays a critical role in increasing Search Engine Optimisation rankings? 


In our previous posting – ‘How to deal with negative social media comments  – we advised how to proactively manage unsatisfied consumers, using a simple but effective 3-step process:

[a] Acknowledge;

[b] Control; and

[c] Take it offline.  


In following this process, it minimises the negative impact and maximises the chance of repeat business. Of course, content also has a critical role to play in social media and communicating with disgruntled consumers.


Given its role in sales, SEO and communication, it’s fair to say Content Marketing is one of the most important areas to get right for any business.  In short, if the wording is too long or full of ambiguous techno-babble and spelling mistakes, then customers won’t purchase your products and services.  This means your leaflets, web pages, sales letters, social media, business tenders, press releases, blog posts – everything – must be word perfect.  


For online content, every word also impacts SEO rankings: in simple terms, the better the content, the higher the traffic. But, in the digital era it’s no longer enough just to write from the heart, so to speak. You need to ensure the content is machine-readable and keyword optimised for Google’s army of spiders and robots. If this all sounds simple, it isn’t – and, many companies are missing out on opportunities to increase traffic and sales!


To communicate the complexities of your business, and articulate products & services using precise, persuasive English for humans and computers takes time and effort.  If you get the formula right, though, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment.  Indeed, I’d go so far as to say, Content Marketing is so important for companies that Content is now Jack, Queen, King and Ace all rolled into one!


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