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Are Pictures Really That Important for Social Media?

Posted on 31st March at 1:06pm

Category: Social media

Any beginner’s guide or social media 101 will tell you the importance of using pictures. But are images really that crucial? The answer is… yes, absolutely. 

With the only notable exception being Twitter (although even Twitter is now embracing imagery more), social media is a dominantly visual landscape. If you were looking for an easy answer or an excuse to take shortcuts with your social media, sorry; you won’t find that here. But here are some reasons this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 


Portraying Your Brand’s Personality

It can be hard to capture the personality of your company in a sentence or two. The focus on visual posts allows your content to be a clear representation of your business’s unique identity. 


Pictures Take Time and Effort

While this may seem like a negative at first, putting time and effort into your content is actually a positive. Doing so demonstrates to your followers that you appreciate their loyalty and business, allowing you to develop your rapport with them. 


Capturing Attention

Another great thing about social media’s obsession with images is that it gives genuinely passionate businesses the chance to stand out by posting high quality posts. Consumers are drawn to strong content, so it definitely pays to approach social media wholeheartedly.



Using an image that represents what you are trying to say can help your target market engage with you even more especially on channels such as Facebook where users may skim down their newsfeed - a relevant image as well as headline can make you more memorable.

Yes, there are some drawbacks to this side of social media, particularly if you’re limited by your software, time, or resources. But that’s where marketing/advertising agencies can come in very handy!



If you don't have the budget to get professional photography done then there are some very cost effective stock sites out there such as Dollar Photo Club which is $1 a photo for high quality images. 

Be careful about using images from the Internet if you don't have permission to use them. Stock photography is a great alternative to ensure you aren't breaking copyright.

If you’d like to talk about how you could be using social media better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


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