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5 marketing tips to increase SEO rankings

Posted on 17th June at 11:22am

Category: Websites

In our opinion, effective SEO is about quality rather than quantity; in some respects, the complete opposite of what most Search Engine Optimisation companies are aiming for. To us, it’s about generating targeted traffic – attracting visitors that are likely to purchase your products and services.


The good news is – there are 5 simple marketing tactics that anyone can follow, to increase his or her SEO rankings.


In our previous posting – Content is the Jack, Queen, King and Ace of effective Marketing we explained how important it is to articulate your products & services using precise, persuasive English for humans and computers. Communicating features and benefits, in ways that customers and search engines understand – is critical for all businesses.  So, let's explain this in more detail and also reveal our other top tips.


 1.     Education. The principles of SEO are relatively easy to understand, so read / learn about Meta Data, Keywords, Links and URL submission.


2.     Content. Unique, dynamic content is critical – write regular, informative blog articles - just like this one!


3.     Links. Each time you post on social media or forums, include your URL. If you work with trusted suppliers, reach out and request reciprocal links.


4.     Submission. Ensure your home page URL is submitted to a multitude of search engines and sector-specific directories: don’t rely just on Google!


5.     Focus. Ask yourself and your colleagues, ‘how do customers search for our products and services?’ Use these keywords in your content (tip 2).


Of course, Search Engine Optimisation is a complex topic and this article is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you do hire an SEO specialist, always ensure they have a professional marketing qualification. This being said, follow these 5 simple tips to increase Search Engine Optimisation rankings, and you’ll be one step closer to increasing your traffic and sales, for free!


Would you like a free 30-minute strategy consultation on SEO for your company?  If so, please contact us via the contact form, Twitter or Facebook. You can also telephone 1300 688 711, for more information.



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