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10 easy ways to spread the word about your business - Part two

Posted on 28th June at 1:28pm

Category: Marketing promotions

Part two of our 10 different ways to get the word out about your brand. See Part one here

Here are five more ways to promote your brand in an effective way:

6. Facebook

No, it’s not for everyone. But Facebook can be a valuable platform through which you can communicate with your customers, especially if your business is B2C. If you have the drive to make Facebook work for you, then it most likely will – it’s particularly good for raising awareness of your business and keeping your brand’s name in the minds of your followers. But remember: people won’t like you if all you do is promote your products – the key to effective social media is engagement.


7. Online Advertising

If you haven’t thought of it before, this avenue may be worth considering. Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are the most popular options, but there are also more unlikely routes through which you can get the word out about your business online– different strategies work for different types of businesses.


8. Vehicle Signage

If your work involves a lot (or even a little) travel, having your brand on your car is a brilliant way to get your business name out there. One of my clients generates 90% of their business from their vehicle signage, so there’s no question that it works wonders for the right people.


9. Bus Advertising

Having your brand appear on the side or back of a bus is something that a lot of people reject immediately because they think it’s outrageously expensive. In fact, for as little as $2,500 per year (depending on the bus route!), your ad can travel the local route, catching eyes at every corner. Advertisements for buses (as well as vehicle signage) need to be simple in order to be effective – after all, in most cases, you’ll only have a few seconds of attention in which to communicate your message and your business to onlookers.


10. Blogging

Blogging is a particularly fantastic tool for businesses that are keen to be seen as leaders and experts in their respective fields. However, they’re also great for keeping your brand in front of eyes. Whether you’re running a blog as part of your own website, or contributing to other blogs that relate to your industry, blogging allows you to continually remind people that you’re there, and – more importantly – that you’re the go-to brand for your field.


At Conceptualise Marketing, we help our clients with all of the above marketing approaches and more. If your business is due for an injection of creativity or a fresh pair of eyes to see the best way to market your brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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