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10 easy ways to spread the word about your business - Part one

Posted on 21st June at 9:19am

Category: Marketing promotions

1. Website

Websites are now an absolute must-have for any business. Your website is your virtual shop window – it is the first thing people see after they meet you, hear about you, or receive your business card. It is important that your website makes a strong first impression and represents your business in the way you want people to perceive you.

2. Business Cards (and decent ones)

Unless you make outstanding first impressions in person, your business card is likely the key thing that people remember you by. If your business cards are worth keeping, they can make the difference between never hearing from someone again and getting a big project down the track. Do your business cards represent the kind of business you run, and do they speak to the type of customer that you’re looking for?

3. In-Store Branding and Signage

If your business has a physical location, then make it count. Great signage can create an amazing first impression on people that visit your premises, and that impression can have a lasting influence on how they continue to view your brand. Even the 10 seconds spent walking past your shop can be used to your advantage your store is branded appropriately.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to use social media for your business (without having to tell the world what you had for breakfast). A LinkedIn profile is easy and manageable, and is a professional way to promote yourself and your business, as well as connecting with existing and potential clients.

5. Never Forget Your Existing Database

You should always be looking for new ways to leverage the database of clients that you have already developed. But, more importantly, you need to talk to them! Never treat your database as a list of names and numbers, but rather as a group of people who mean something to you and your business. Whether it’s through email or direct mail marketing, always focus on developing relationships with your contacts, and enjoy the repeat business that comes as a result.



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